Online professional development in CSE

Most pre-service and in-service teacher training is provided in person, although some programmes are a hybrid that include some online elements. More recently, online professional development opportunities specific to teaching CSE have become available.

Online professional development can be a cost-effective way of training teachers, both pre-service and throughout their careers, in particular when it comes to content updates. Some online programming such as webinars can be done easily and with limited costs. Although webinars alone are insufficient for preparing pre- or in-service teachers, they are recommended for use in providing content, policy, and programmatic updates.

Designing distance learning can be extremely expensive, so it is best to recommend communities avail themselves of what is currently available online.

Example of an online course

Comprehensive sexuality and reproductive health education for educators developed by UNESCO for teachers in Eastern and Southern Africa. Much of the content can be used by educators in other countries, replacing the regional-specific data and contexts as needed.